Facts about Yoon shi Yoon

First of all i wanna say thanks to my friend at FB, Marin Gustria, she is the one who gave me these facts and i will share it to you all..
to my blog readers, im sorry i haven’t have time to continue my trip to jogja ;p
I make a poster of Yoon oppa…^^

here it goes…
– He doesn’t like to drink and smoke. His mother always reminds him, “My son never learns to smoke, does he?” for yoon oppa that scarier than scolded by his mom.

– He is the only child in his family
– Little yoon grew in Suncheon, Jeolla Province. he jsut mived to Seoul when he was in Junior High school. that is why he is able to speak the region language.
– When his parents was in the hard time, yoon was taken care by his grandparents. when the children at his age studied english, he was ordered by his grandmother to the church and learned mandarin. “I used to be fluently, but now i forget everything” he admitted.
– Deny the gossip that he is doing his millitary service, “Now i want to be active in my carier, then doing my millitary service in the right time”
– Before debuting in acting, yoon have been appeared in a TV show as FT Islands’ Lee Hongki friend. he also appeared in the golden bell challenge.

– his first acting, when he was a little boy in the church. As a sheep ^^
– He worry about his face which is not like a student, but he also dont like an adult, he have ever tried to grow a mustache, but it doesn’t suit him. *oppa, you are handsome with what you are now ;*
– His hobby is reading book. “Books can help me know about the way what success people think like Presidents Barrack Obama. I also love the books written by Buddist bikkuni Beop Jeong and U Simin.
– idolize Choi Min Sik, Kim Myung Min, dan Rain.

well that’s all i can post ^^


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