today is a bit stressing…

yesterday i heard that my granny @banjarmasin is sick, she can not move. i cried out loud at phone and she did too..
im just afraid that i cant see her again. Please God…let her recover and get well soon…
I love you grany….I love you from the deepest of my heart…

i was still thinking of my grany when i had to teach at 7F. Sometimes i hate of being there. I think i should give em some task, so i can get rest for a moment. so i wrote some cases for them to make a dialogue. the first case was one of them should fall down. and one of my students just really did it…then i laughed really out loud. i feel strong again at that time. thank you my students…u are all my entertainment….^^ best wish 4 u…

sebentar2….ada yang perlu gue pamerinnnnnnnn…hihihihih,,,,,,,,

dooohhh jan sikilku og gede pisan yak???hahahahaa


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